From theme parks to cruise ships; from hotels to homes; from museums to schools, we are on a quest to create moments where every guest is invited to interact with each other and the world around them. Whether Creative, Technical, or Integration, our work spans the full spectrum Blue Sky to Installation.
We Spark Imagination and Curiosity Through Dynamic Stories.
Blue Sky Concepts
Want to bring interactivity into your project but don’t know where to start? Let us help you ideate on the best ways for your guests to become part of the narrative. Our team has the creative expertise to deconstruct the story and desired guest experience to craft wonder and awe, surprise and delight.
Interactive Show Writing
Whether early experience narratives or detailed show scripts, our team balances branching storylines, gameplay, personalization, questing, sequenced events, and alternate endings to create a show that feels different every time.
Game Design
We evoke all of the senses as we incorporate surrounding effects and consider every stage of the interaction from guest approach to gameplay to rewards.
Themed Fabrication and Assets
We make it real, tangible, and reactive. From designing themed cladding to UI/UX and media, we craft everything the guest will see, hear, and touch (and potentially smell and taste, too).
We make physical interactions with hidden digital magic.
Guest-activated Hardware & Software
From custom circuit boards and sensors to the physical prop and gesture tracking, from real-time rendered games to customization tools, we design and build the interactive experience from the ground up.
Connected Game Backend Systems
We design and engineer the technical architecture for systems that talk to one another, whether provided by us or by others. This covers every touchpoint the guest has from individual games and longer quests to interactive rides and queues.
Analytics and Real-time Data
We create dashboards grounded in data science to power ride analytics, people moving, and predictive maintenance that optimize day-to-day operations. Paired with our land-wide game backend, these are big, awesomely powerful systems.
Prototyping and Playtesting
what is the big audacious, awesome thing you want to try? We mix emerging technologies with industry expertise to design and build variations of an idea at the desired fidelity to test, iterate, and validate with real people.
We consider the whole ecosystem and how it evolves over time.
Install and testing
We conduct Quality Assurance in-house (Factory Acceptance Testing) and on-site (Site Acceptance Testing) and offer both on-site and remote installation to ensure that everything is in place and working great for opening day.
System Integration Testing
We work with connected systems and IoT, and strive for complete system integration by coordinating with multiple client departments and other vendors. In addition to live facilitation of training, we create recorded walkthroughs and detailed documentation to ensure smooth operation of our interactives.
Project Management
we use the Agile development process and design thinking to nimbly but efficiently complete projects as a cross-discipline team.
Live-Ops and management
We offer post-open support and legacy to modern integrations and upgrades to help experiences run their best for years to come.